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5 Awesome Tips for Camping With Kids Today

Fall is in full swing, and yes, camping outdoors with your little ones could not have arrived at a better time. Breath-taking foliage of red, orange and golden yellow on a sunny autumn day, cool weather, and all the pesky bugs long gone, it’s camping season. 

Ever gone camping with kids before?

If you have, then you know how nature and excitement team up to deliver an epic, super-memorable experience for everyone. Such an extraordinary camp actually opens them up to the joys of staying away from home, but with the warmth similar to being at home.

They get a chance to play during the day, gaze at the star-studded skies at night, listen to distant cries of animals in the jungle, dine by the campfire, and enjoy the experience. For them, it certainly is a perfect blend of a thrill and challenge! 

But, camping with kids can be a daunting experience. Forget about having to keep a close eye at them throughout the period, you simply need to be ready for anything – including injuries, cries, and their sudden change of heart about the whole outing. 

You will simply need to plan ahead

That’s right – equip yourself with the basic know-how so that you adequately mitigate risks and enjoy a holiday camp to remember. I have got a few of the best tips to help create a hell of an experience to remember as you go camping with kids!

Tip #1: Choose an area you know way too well

When you sit your other half and decide to take your children on a summer or autumn camp, the most important decision should be where you wish to head. You could go to a safe temperate rain forest overlooking massive mountains, choose a flat camping pitch near a misty valley with gushing creeks or simply choose a safe jungle nearby. 

Regardless of where you pick, just make sure you know the whole area like the back of your hand. Understand the trails, access routes, and all paths leading to and out of the spot. Furthermore, be aware of how its weather fairs, how far the nearby hospitals are, and perhaps how popular amongst camping heartthrobs the area is. 

One more thing you should know about the site of your camp is the ease of having the kids play and experience the environment. If the campground has a ballfield, a beach or a swimming area, perhaps a risk-free stream or even a picnic table with hot showers, go for it. 

But ensure it has adequate amenities nearby, including bathrooms and showers. 

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Tip #2: Plan ahead and pack smartly, BUT don’t over pack

Normally, it is natural for excellent destinations for a family’s camping trip to fill up real quick. Campgrounds are a hot favorite once the season kicks-in, especially those within national and state parks. 

And so, the best idea is to book months ahead. You could use ReserveAmerica.com or just any other popular campsite reservations agency near you (This is optional depending on the services or products that you offer). Do not hesitate to choose a destination far away from your state. 

You are taking your children for their greatest experience away from home, and that ideally means you shouldn’t leave anything they’ll need. 

Pack everything, including essential supplies in clear tubs for easy camping with kids. However, watch out lest you over pack and end up carrying your entire home. The best thing is to leave any “just-in-case” item at home and only carry the essentials. 

Rent a tent and pack an adequate number of fleece pullovers and pants for night-time and boots for each of them. Of importance are warm outfits – evenings in the wild can be unforgivingly cold, and rain gear!

A typical list of items to bring can include:

•    Food, snacks, clean water and general kitchen supplies

•    Bathroom and bathing essentials

•    Toys and kids’ playthings 

•    Clothes, tents, and sleeping bags

•    Lighting equipment and entertainment devices

•    Foldable chairs and tables. 

•    First-aid kit 

Tip #3: Load up on Meds, Mosquito Repellents, Baby Wipes, and Antibacterial Wipes

You are gonna be camping outdoors, far from home. With kids around and several days to get loose and enjoy rollicking good fun, a few bruises and mild injuries are possible. 

That automatically means you’ve gotta bring some medicines. However, don’t forget to pack antibacterial wipes as well as anti-mosquito repellents. Wipes will help keep their hands and feet clean before they crawl back to their sleeping bags, especially after an adrenaline-filled afternoon in the field. 

Tip#4: Practice camping at home, before the D-day!

If your kids are camping newbies and you wouldn’t want to take risks before the actual day, pitch a tent in the backyard. Involve them in every single aspect of how you plan, including packing the supplies. 

You can start erecting the tent in the morning, having packed everything the previous night. In the afternoon, take them to a lake nearby and fish or buy food for the night. In the evening, let the kids join you in lighting the campfire, cooking, and sleeping in the tent. The best time to do this is when it’s just a couple of days into the actual day. 

Tip #5: Sh#t Happens; Have Fun!

You may not plan well, and end up hating the whole idea of camping with kids. Or maybe, things go south and your plans are thrown into disarray. But voila, have fun!

If you forgot to pack vital supplies, or it rains and the campground gets way too soggy, don’t worry. Let the kids have fun and enjoy the adventure of spending their holiday in an exotic environment to the fullest. 

Bonus Tips 

First, the moment you arrive at the campsite and you are set to unpack, spare a moment to set ground rules for every member of your entourage. Let them know all the dos and don’ts, the boundaries, and their respective roles. 

Make them aware of any hazards nearby and what to do in case of a problem. Talk about any inherent risks they could face and what to do. 

The best food in the camp would be healthy fruit and veg-based dishes during the day and little grilled meat as well as plenty of snacks and water to get you going. There’s no harm bringing a few bottles of wine, beer, or whiskey as well as a couple of fresh beverages. Just make sure you don’t overindulge.  As for the toys, the best ones may include soccer balls, squirt guns, binoculars, LED toys, coloring books, magnifying glasses, board games, and card games. Finally, remember that even though you are camping with kids, they should still stick to their normal bedtime routine.

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