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Best Shotgun For Home Defense

Best Shotgun For Home Defense

Home should be a place where one feels secure and comfortable. But the truth is that the world that we live in is scary and dangerous. We have to be on guard against the intruders at all times when at homes.

The basic home security implements people generally avail of are CCTVs and intuitive alarms. But nothing compares to a shotgun in terms of scaring away an intruder.

You are allowed to maintain a shotgun at home. As per the second amendment, all homeowners have the legal right to have a shotgun for self defence. When an intruder stares into the barrel of a shotgun, he escapes instantly to never return.

When you initiate with your attempt to find the best home defense shotgun, here are the top alternatives at your disposal.

Mossberg 500 Tactical

The Mossberg 500 Tactical has frequently been cited as the best tactical shotgun. The piece of equipment was first designed and used over a century back. The models now up for sale have undergone a series of improvements and technological changes, and are the best in the class. This is the choice to go ahead with when you are looking for the best shotgun for home defence 2020.

Mossberg has been a highly acclaimed shotgun over the years. It has been the recipient of accolades from numerous recognized and has been praised by the United States government. The manufacturing quality is matchless.

A few of the prime features of the shotgun are 12-gauge rounds and six-round capacity. This helps the property owner get control of the situation. The shot looks imposing. This intimidates an intruder even while no shots are fired. A pistol grip makes the handling easy while a bead sight simplifies aiming. The best part is that the shotgun is upgradable using the variety of aftermarket parts that are available. This makes it refined equipment for self defence. The corrosion-resistant heavy-wall barrel ensures a long life for the shotgun.

Benelli M4

Benelli M4 is semiautomatic, best shotgun home defence. Such shotguns, otherwise, use standard ammunition only, which come by as their limitations. But Benelli M4 is different. It uses a self-regulating gas system and is usable with a variety of shell alternatives.

When you use a shell that is stronger and longer, Benelli M4 is the best shotgun for you. Other prime features of Benelli M4 include a six shell capacity and 18.5”. The user is benefited by the ghost ring sight, and can also add in additional optics, using Picatinny Rail. The shotgun features a rapid-fire response, with a crisp, two-stage trigger and a corrosion-resistant coating.

This is more than an average semi-automatic shotgun and is used by US Marine Corps that have the M1014 designation.

Winchester 1897 Pump Action

Newcomers sometimes ponder over what is the best shotgun for home defence. The brand name, Winchester, breeds familiarity. This is an 1897 pump-action shotgun and is an example of everything that the brand stands for.

They got two varieties available. The 12 and 16 gauge shotguns are available in 12” and 16” barrel lengths respectively. If the purpose of the shotgun is for home defence, the shorter barrel alternative stands to deliver better results.

Remington Versa Max Tactical

Remington Versa Max Tactical is undoubtedly among the best home defence shotguns available. It has majestic looks that scare the intruder when the gun is projected over them. While this is a semi-automatic gun, it deviates from the convention and allows one to use a range of buckshot rounds and slugs.

This is a quality purchase. The recoil of each shot is lower, enabled by a high-quality recoil pad. The shots are accurate and rapid-fire is simplified. With the shotguns intimidating looks, you may not be required to pull the trigger at all. They got a tactical flashlight in there as well, which makes the equipment more useful in bad light conditions.


FN SLP could be the best shotgun for home defence 2020, but it will do well, with some up-gradation using aftermarket accessories.

The manufacturer is among the topmost in the trade. The firearm can fire numerous buckshot and slugs, which is not the convention for semi-automatic guns.  Similarly, a synthetic shot reduces the recoil produced by each trigger.

The shotgun is not too showy as such. But it safeguards your property and does its job well. It is a reliable sort of a gun. It is heavier than other shotguns in the list, but a user gets used to the weight over time.

Winchester SXP Extreme Defender

Winchester SXP Extreme Defender has modernistic looks, different from the classical shotguns that the brand earlier created. The craftsmanship nevertheless stays outstanding and the shotgun is a reliable firearm in your home defence arsenal. This is a pump-action shotgun that features an 18” black chrome barrel. This won’t amuse any home intruders.

They got as sturdy barrel over the firearm, which fires 5 rounds of 12- gauge ammo. The shotgun is lightweight and weighs just 7 lbs 8 oz. One can easily add a laser attachment to the side-mounted Picatinny rail. This won’t make the shotgun very heavy.

Other prime features of the shotgun are sling swivel studs and a rear ghost ring. This works towards enhancing accuracy.

Mossberg 590A1 Mil-Spec

The 590A1 is among the most reliable series of firearms. The model is a marked improvement over its predecessors and has the much called for changes in the latest version.

A1, to start with has an improved corrosion resistance as compared to the older models. The higher-grade steel construction makes the model more durable as compared to the prior versions. Beyond a nearly flawless design, the bark of the gun is deadly. Heavier steel parts used do add to the gun’s weight, but this also reduces recoil and makes the shotgun accurate. A1 also features a heavy wall barrel and a heavy polymer stock. The Picatinny can mount a red dot scope or sight.

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