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How To Open a Can without A Can Opener

Open a Can without A Can Opener

There are times in life wherein people are compelled to consider how to open a can without a can opener. This thought prevails in the mind particularly when one is preparing a recipe using canned tuna, and the can opener goes missing.

Yes, it is possible to open a can without a can opener. Doing it right ensures the best results for the contents, and prevents them from spilling.

The tricks to open a can without an opener can’t be too complex. A can’s lid is ultimately thin metal. The utensils that one uses for opening a can, such as forks, spoons and knives are thicker and stronger in comparison. When you pierce the surface of the can with these objects, it gives you a great start for opening the can.

A word of caution is called for over here. It is preferable if you do not use a sharp object to open the can. When you try it out, you stand odds of injuring yourself. So, one has to be careful.

When you are considering how to open a can without a can opener, we got some great tricks for you over here. A few are slow, but it is a worthy investment for the cook’s safety.

It is a fine idea to start rubbing the edge of the can with a spoon. Hold the spoon downwards and apply some pressure. When you get to break the seal’s edge, it is a step in the right direction.

For best results, hold the can with one hand and the spoon with the other. The can’s seal will have a lip crimped to the seal, towards the edge. That is where you want to rub the spoon over. The spot is more vulnerable to the remainder of the lid. When you use a metallic spoon for opening the can, they have higher odds of working right. Plastic spoons will not do the needful in this case.

Upon rubbing sufficiently to cut a slit in the can’s lid’s edge, force the spoon inside the slid, and slowly, take it around the seal, while still in the seal. Don’t tip the lid inwards to avoid spilling the food. Instead, pry the lid upwards. It will pop out of place. Now carefully lift the seal away without getting any cuts in the process.

Another one of the important ways to open a can without a can opener is by using a chef’s knife if you maintain one at your place.

First, position the can over the kitchen’s countertop. Now hold the knife where the blade meets the handle and keep a firm grip. If the knife is slippery, use a spoon to open the can.

Make sure that you use a chef’s knife for the purpose. All knives won’t do.

Place the heel of the knife against the lid of the can, and gently press the heel inwards.

It will puncture a hole in the lid. For the same, press the can down with one hand and puncture a slit with another. Puncture some more slits. Then circle the can with the knife and pry it open, just as you do with a can opener.

We got some more classic techniques that stand to give the finest possible results for you when you consider how to open a can without an opener. Did you know that you can open a can nicely by using a rock? But one has to use it right for the safety and usability of the contents.

Take a piece of concrete if it is readily available. One with a smooth surface won’t do. Instead, use one with a rugged surface.

Now hold the can upside down in your hand and start rubbing the top over the rugged surface of the concrete. This will over time break the seal, which is located towards the top of the can, without spilling the food.

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The right way to go about it is to position the can over the concrete as aforementioned and start rubbing it back and forth by applying slight pressure. The indicator of the job nearing completion is when you find moisture over the concrete surface or the lid.

So every now and then, turn the can over and keep checking. Upon discovering moisture over the lid, it is a fine idea to halt the activity right away. It is at this point that the lid has become thin enough such that it can be broken away easily.

The major section of the work is now through. All that one now needs to do is use a pocket knife to pry open the lid.

You can expect the seal to be thin, so this part isn’t going to be difficult.

Just take a pocket knife and slide it in from the edge of the lid. A pocket knife is the right option to go ahead with safety considerations in mind. If a pocket knife is not available, a spoon or a butter knife will do the needful.

Now pry open the lid using the pocket knife. By covering your hand with a towel, you can significantly reduce the odds of cutting yourself in the process.

Using a knife to open a can is best avoided. But there are times when it is the only instrument for opening a can when you consider how to open cans without a can opener. The trick with using a knife to open a can is to do it safely.

First, place the knife on a stable surface such as a kitchen countertop. This should be at hip length for one. Make sure that you have a grip over the knife that isn’t going to slip.

Now place the knife’s edge perpendicular to the lid. Your fingers shouldn’t be in the way if the knife happens to slip.

Force the knife in the lid’s edge to create a slit, with the back of your hand towards the top. Smack gently, and don’t lose control of your knife.

Now don’t saw the lid away, but make numerous similar slits in the can. You can now safely pry off the lid using the knife.

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