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How to Survive a grid with only Solar Power?

In this day and age, the use of technology has made our life easy. It becomes a valuable part that makes our lives comfortable, fast, and secure. Presently it becomes impossible to imagine life without technology and to deny its amazing benefits & significance. Advancement in technology leads to an improvement in survival. Among all the benefits of modern technology, the most important beneficial invention is solar power energy. Earlier fossil fuels are considered only the primary source for generating energy & power. As a result, the use of fossil fuels for power generation was causing environmental pollution.

The diminishing of fossil fuels and the increasing rate of environmental pollution put the scientist in concern & triggered them to find any safe alternative for energy production. There was a dire necessity to find some option to replace the use of fossil fuels for the production of energy. Thanks to scientists with their continuous efforts and innovations, they successfully invent a very safe and cheap form of energy. The Sun is the most significant source of power, and each day it provides more than enough energy to meet the needs of the world. Solar energy is produced when sunlight strikes at the surface of solar panels, which then turn solar power into usable electricity. This photovoltaic transformation is the way solar energy is generated.

Solar energy system:

 A solar power is composed of connected solar panels that absorb sun rays and transform it into electricity. In the solar system, the Sun is the most significant source of energy. The solar panel is the disks that absorb sunlight or sun rays & convert them into energy. Solar panels are handy devices that convert the Sun’s energy & heat into consumable forms. The solar panels setup was designed so that when the sun rays come into contact with the exterior of the panels, the solar cells convert them into DC (Direct Current) electricity.

Since this form of solar power is not functional in most homes or businesses, an inverter changes this direct current into alternating current (AC). After the generation of electricity, it is transferred to the consumer through a power grid network. When A very high voltage electricity is supplied to the power lines, then the grid act as a fixture to adjust the voltages according to requirement protocol.

The AC electricity is now available for use in our businesses or our homes. The average life expectancy of solar panels ranges from 25-30 years. However, it can be vary depending upon the quality of the groups. For example, a thin-film group has approximately 13-18 years, and good quality panel life can exceed 50 years.

Installation of Solar Power System at home:

Installation of the solar power system is a straightforward & easy task.  Firstly, locate the best position for the solar panels at your property where the Sun shines for maximum time & intensity. As more sun rays strike to the upper surface of solar panels, more electricity will be generated. Although solar panels need sunlight to generate electricity, it doesn’t surely have to be direct sunlight. For example, the solar panels can still incorporate the UV rays even on cloudy, snowy, and rainy days. Regardless, it is absorbed that the production of electricity will be lower during these days as compared to when there are bright sky days.

The panels will produce electricity optimally on sunny days. After selection of a suitable place, bury conduits and buried platform. At this platform, the array of solar panels is arranged. For maximum energy production, the whole structure must be at the angle of 18 to 32 degrees for optimum sunlight exposure at solar panels. Now stable the solar panels by properly fixing of all nuts or bolts and secure it with side rails. When the panels are connected and aligned, the next step is installing the panel and its wiring.

Wiring installation is a dangerous & risky step because you are dealing with high voltage electricity. So legally, an expert is recommended for installation. There are three types of wire negative, positive, and ground wires, and mostly MC4 connectors are considered safe and suitable to operate. Make sure that cables are insulated or waterproof and not touching the actual roof or yard. Once you are done with the wiring, the next step is the installation of the solar inverter. Inverter functions to convert the DC power to AC power. Installing the inverter at cool places is an excellent choice because direct sunlight exposure can reduce its life span. However, it can be settled outdoors or indoors. One crucial thing panel won’t create any energy at night because there is no sunlight at night. Therefore, you should have proper storage or connecter to the grid. Thus, the solar inverter has to connect with a solar battery for storage purposes.

Significance of Solar Power System:

Many countries are setting priorities on the solar system over fossil fuels. There are lots of amazing facts that pursue people to adopt this incredible invention. The most beautiful thing about the solar system is its unlimited source. Undoubtedly it is going to thrive for millions of years. For years, it helps plants (by photosynthesis) and animals (by Vitamin D) for healthy growth. And now it becomes the cheapest source of energy to run daily life power need. Apart from being a renewable energy source that helps preserve the environment, Saves on costs, and is reliable. From the beginning, we are using fossil fuels as a power source. The world is dependent upon technology from easy to complicated tasks. From domestic machinery to the industrial level machinery, we are deprived of technology. From talking (mobile) to walking(car), we are dangling on the motor. That’s why the demand for energy is increasing to meet all machine’s energy needs. To run this machinery, we need energy that comes from fossil fuels. As a result, fossil fuels are declining day by day.

On the other hand, the overuse of fossil fuel increasing the greenhouse effect & environmental pollution evident by the severity of the climate. Currently, it becomes hard to live without technology & electrical energy. There are two ways to overcome this problem. The first one is to forget about technology or learn to survive without it. We cannot disagree with the fact that our need for electricity will never end. The other one is to replace fossil fuels with another source that adequately complete the energy needs. And Sun is the favorable replacement of fossil fuels. To get rid of this problem, the best alternative solution is the use of solar systems. This is not only good for a personal level; instead, it will remarkably save our country from the cost of buying electric power.

Benefits of Solar system:


The first and most profitable advantage is free. As we know, solar energy is produced from the Sun, which is a natural and self-reliant source. It equally distributes its rays to the earth. So, it is easily accessible to all the people of the globe. It offers equal opportunity to all the people to safely obtain solar energy; meanwhile, it reduces the country’s economic costs on strength and power.

Reduce electricity bills

When there is daylight, solar panels produce electricity for free. Because the solar system without a storage device only provides power in the daytime and at night, you need another source to run electric appliances. So, it can reduce electricity bills and make your survival easy. If solar panels have a connection of electric grid with net metering, then solar panels can also become the source of night energy. Additionally, if your solar system inverter is connected to the storage device, then the cost of electricity will be zero.

Save environment 

Modern electricity is far better from many aspects of traditional power. The solar system is considered as 100% clean and safe way of electricity generation. It indirectly positively affects the environment by replacing fossil fuels. It significantly reduces the greenhouse effect, global warming by reducing carbon monoxide emission & carbon footprint. It can protect the ozone layer and helps the environment. This modern form of energy does not produce air & water pollution, just like traditional energy forms.

Accessible worldwide

The most abundant and authoritative source of the solar system is the Sun. The earth receives the most significant amount of energy from the Sun. Which spread all of its rays equally all over the world regardless of any difference. So, these rays cover all those areas and can produce energy where earlier, no easy access to electricity.

Avoid global warming & the greenhouse effect.

The remarkable thing about the solar system is that it replaces fossil fuels in the same way it lowers its side effects. It proves itself an environmentally friendly precious source by avoiding global warming. In the future, it is indicated that our survival will be functional by relying on solar energy.

Reduce Energy imports 

Every year many underdeveloped countries like Pakistan spent a lot of money to buy electricity from electricity to rich countries. If we started to rely on the solar energy system, we would see a decline in energy imports in the future.


Initially, the charges for purchasing solar systems were very high. But now the solar system is available at suitable prices. But this money will payback by your solar system just in one year after installation because it saves your money by reducing electricity bills. Nowadays, there are different types & qualities of panels available depending upon your house needs of electricity. You can purchase a group according to your need and budget.

Seen also:

Energy independence 

Energy independence refers to independence in energy production & consumption. The most beautiful and effective way to achieve energy independence is by installing a photovoltaic solar panel system. Through this system, you can generate your energy and can also store its battery for night use.


In many states, if u buy and install a solar panel system, u get eligible for the incentive. Many countries like Arizona, California, new hemisphere, or Hawaii have a solar tax credit. After proper installation, u can claim for it.

Space mission 

The importance of the solar energy system is accepted worldwide. Like setup of many spacecraft is composed of crystalline silicon solar cells of solar panels. This solar panel directly converts the sunlight into the electricity to run shuttle. The inverter of the solar panel is connected to the storage devices to make it working when it comes out of the range of Sun. So solar panel-based spacecraft are prioritized for space missions.

Long lifespan 

The incredible feature of this modern energy system is a long life span. A good quality solar panel can survive for more than fifty years. It saves you money.

Boosts your home property value 

Another good thing about the solar system is that it increases about 20% to 30% value of your property.

Generate passive income 

As we know, the source of solar energy is the Sun, free, unlimited, and renewable. It can provide four thousand times more energy then you need. Once investing money by making solar forms, u can generate and sell electricity to the consumers. U can earn a lot of money from solar energy. In other words, it can be a source of your passive income.

Reduce Carbon footprint:

Carbon footprints are significantly declined due to solar panel energy systems. The proportion of carbon released into the air due to the use of fossil fuels or other activities has been reducing. Reduction in coal and its product is directly proportional to the pollution and earth temperature.

low maintenance cost 

Dirt on the panel does not have any crucial effect on the performance of the solar system. However, it is auto cleaned by rain. So, it expends a little maintenance cost.

Limitation of solar energy:

Nothing is a hundred percent in this world. The solar system is easy to install and operate; that’s why the whole world is moving to adopt it. The bright side of the solar system is already discussed here are some limitation of the solar system. The initial cost of buying the solar system is relatively expensive. Everyone can’t afford to establish it because of its high rate. However, it pays back the money by incentives, reducing electric bills, or through passive income.

Another drawback of the solar system is that it is only available to free in the day time. Without a storage device, it can’t handle running home at home. There is an excellent solution to this problem, but unfortunately, that is also very expensive. We can store energy in batteries generated in the day by of the solar grid system. It’s a smarter way to fulfill the energy requirements of the day from the solar system and use the grid during the night.

Additionally, Solar panels work at the maximum rate during a bright & sunny day. But in the case of the winter season, smoggy or foggy climate, or rainy days it’s hard to get maximum output. It is its most significant limitation that is weather dependent. Even though it did work at weather changes, but fails to give a predicted performance. The setup of the solar system occupies an ample space as compared to other energy sources. You can’t solve this problem because the more space occupied by the panels more the energy will be generated. If you want to make a high amount of energy, it is preferred to learn to live with it.

Although Sola energy is an almost pollution-free method of electricity production, according to some experts, it can cause the greenhouse effect because of the material used in the creation of the solar system. Compared to other non-renewable sources of energy like coal and oil, it causes less drastic effects. It has an indirect impact on the environment. Moreover, it’s is an intermittent source of energy. Most of the countries can’t enjoy its benefits because of the less intensity of solar light in the areas. These countries have a short duration of the summer season. This system of solar energy will not be installed over there because it will be a waste of money and time. After installing the solar system once in your home, you will not be able to move it anywhere. As if you want to change its location, you will get men labor to run it. As a result, it will cause extra costs. So, this is also a significant disadvantage of a solar installation at your home.


The solar system is a promising cheap and environmentally-friendly form of energy. It is the best alternative to conventional energy forms. It will rescue the whole world from running out of the non-renewable sources of energy because Sun will never end its solar light. So, it’s the best way to use this splendid way of energy production rather than consuming those coal and oil resources, which have drastic effects on the environment.

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