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Things to consider for buying an off-grid cabin for sale

Many Americans are passionate about living off the grid in the wilderness. Buying off-grid cabin for sale fulfills the dream.

Maybe you have a mind to purchase a second home for a retreat. Getting a cabin might be best for you. This is also perfect for living off the grid. You can stay near nature and reduce your carbon footprint. But buying an off-grid cabin for sale is tricky and you have to consider many things for that. Read on to know what should be there in the cabin and what you have to ponder.

Choosing the right type

Off-grid cabins come in three styles. What you will choose depends on your lifestyle location. One may like to live at a lakefront or opt for complete seclusion. It also depends on how far you can stretch the budget.

If you prefer to have a rustic look, traditional log cabins are the best for you. If you want something a bit updated, A-frame cabins are the ideal. It features a steeply slanted roof that reduces snow or leaf build-up and has a charming look. In case you prefer to be slightly on the modern side, you must look for a modular cabin.

Things to consider

People interested in living off the grid must consider the following while buying an off-grid cabin for sale.

  • Avoid covenanted lands: The prospecting cabin should not be built on a covenanted land. Covenanted land has are likely to have a lot of restrictions. It may specify the size of the cabin. You may not be allowed to grow a vegetable garden or raise livestock if you wish to do so. Also, check if the covenant gives a free hand to do what you like to do with your property.
  • Check the nature of the land: Buying a cabin built on agricultural land has many advantages. Such types of lands are unlikely to put a ban on growing your garden, raising livestock, etc.
  • Check local planning and zoning status: Never buy a cabin in a location that has zoning restrictions. You must check if the size of the off-grid cabin for sale fits the requirements of square footage. Make sure that the construction is legal. Failing to this means you are violating prohibitions.
  • Ascertain easy and legal access: Living in a cabin independently in the wilderness is okay. But you must be sure that the prospecting property has easy and legal access from the highway. Never believe in any mutual arrangement. There is no guarantee that there will not be back out in the future.
  • Say ‘NO’ to very remote locations: Cabins built on remote lands are likely to be less expensive. They may not have zoning restrictions and give you ultimate privacy. But having a cabin in a very remote location makes you vulnerable to the safety aspects. As such cabins are usually located very far off from the highway; it shoots up the movement cost.
  • Search ownership: You must make sure that the seller is the rightful owner of the property with a clean and clear title. This means the property must be free from tax and other liens and mortgages. Also, check for any pending case against the property.
  • Check maintenance infrastructure: Owning acabin involves some general upkeep and maintenance. Since cabins mostly stay vacant, you must enquire about regular cleaning and maintenance and the cost of that.
  • Enquire about insurance: Check if the property can be put under insurance coverage. Cabins are mostly located in wooded areas making them susceptible to natural disasters and higher premiums. So, you must ask for the insurance cost.
  • Availability of the owner’s manual: This is extremely important to know every detail of the property.

One should check the above points painstakingly without any haste. Millions of off-grid cabin for sale are there waiting for you!

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Amenities to look for

While buying an off-grid cabin for sale, look if the following amenities are present in a full-functioning state.

  • Alternative power sources: if the cabin for sale is fully off the grid, then you must check the clean energy alternative. While traditional solar panels are common, some cabins also derive power through windmill or hydroelectricity. Enquire about the condition of the existing energy source and if any replacement is necessary. Some cabins also have options for getting hooked to the local community grid. In such cases, one should check the details of the arrangement and the cost involved.
  • Insulation system: Thermal insulation is vital. Maybe the cabin temperature is separately maintained by a generator or propane. Then check for the cost and condition of the system.
  • Water source: Make sure that the cabin is equipped with a water harvesting system. It could be anything from a well, rainwater harvesting, or bringing running water down to the cabin. Check if the system is sufficient and is in working condition.
  • Sewage disposal: While vegetable waste can be composted,any lapse inproper disposal of human wastes is sure to lead to many health issues. Check, if the cabin is connected to any sewage system or has an approved facility for disposing of the sewage. Also, check for the facility for disposing of household garbage.

Where to search?

There is plenty of off-grid cabin for sale on the internet. The websites provide details and also display images. Comparing different offers will give you a good first-hand idea about the cabins. One can also check with reputed property dealers or real estate agents for this. Information about cabins for sale also comes out on social media platforms. Some owners display boards for sale on the side of highways. One can meet the owner directly for a deal.

Final words

Buying an off-grid cabin for sale is a great way for sustainable and independent living. If vacating in the wilderness entices you, you will find this life enjoyable.  Consider the above points and also check with the local authority. This will ensure your peace of mind in the future.

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