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Top 10 best places for off-grid living

Living off the grid has gained popularity. The best places for off-grid living entice people eager for an independent lifestyle.

One can live off the grid almost anywhere. But some places are best suited for a self-reliant lifestyle because of favorable laws, climate, land prices, cost of living, etc. For this reason, some people are always on the move looking out for their dream places. To help you avoid the same fate, this article brings in a list of the best places for off-grid living that you may consider.

1. Maine

Located in the north-eastern part of the United States, Maine seems to be a dreamland for off-grid living. The laws are favorable and the building codes are lenient. The place has a low population density. One can get plenty of remote properties at a cheaper rate and there is no shortage of timber, rock, and water. The only minus side of the place is the climate. The winter gets cold and wet. If you can bear with this, it has beautiful seasons. Summer temperature is bearable and spring and fall are comfortable.

2. Montana

Montana is famous for the big sky! If you can stand out the bitter cold in winter, Montana is perfect for living off the grid. Lands are available at reasonable prices. Good waterfronts properties are also available. The local laws are also agreeable to self-reliant and sustainable lifestyles. Possessing prime grasslands and the prairies are great for raising livestock. If you have a mind to start ranching, it is one of the best places for off-grid living.  The power of the constant wind can be harnessed for easy energy sources. Plenty of timbers and rocks are available in the mountain areas.

3. Oregon

Despite desert areas in central Oregon, The Cascade Mountain region in the west is a good place for living off the grid. The place welcomes people for independent living and the property taxes are also on the lower side. Although the summer is hot and winter is cold, they do not stay for long. You can get plenty of natural resources and hunting fishes is also possible. It houses two off-grid communities Three Rivers Recreation Area and Breitenbush Hot Springs.

4. Missouri

Off-grid is legal in Missouri and the authorities there encourage people for a self-reliant lifestyle. The collection of rainwater is allowed as required and it is not obligatory to have a septic system. Natural resources for building homes are also available. The summer is humid and the winter mild with little snowfall. The place is ideal for setting up a ranch and for farming as well. The Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, where a community lives off-grid, is located here.

5. Arizona

Cheap and affordable land is available here, especially in the northern part of Arizona.  Climate is mild and comfortable and trees are not also very scarce. Because of this, it is one of the best places for off-grid living.  Water is a big issue here. You should try to purchase a property with a natural spring. One can also drill a well depending on the availability of underground water. Harnessing renewable energy is no problem. Ample sunshine is available to power the solar panels throughout the year.

6. Vermont

Vermont is another great place to live off the grid for many reasons. The place has a magical and resonating scenario for self-reliant living. You can get plenty of land at affordable prices. As zoning is open there, one can start to live off the grid in most of the counties. Natural resources such as water, timber, and rock are also easily available. However, one should always try to stay far away from the cities for a charming independent life in the wilderness.

7. Tennessee

Tennessee has a mild climate and great for experiencing the four seasons. The place also boasts amazing landscapes and National Parks. Property taxes are also incredibly low and the cost of living is below the national average. The place has a long growing season that extends for about 260 days in a year. One is also allowed to collect rainwater without any supervision. This is also a great place for fishing and hunting. All these make it one of the best places for off-grid living.

8. California

The northern part of California is one of the best places for off-grid living in the United States. One can get plenty of land at reasonable prices there and the laws are also less stringent there. Property taxes are also on the lower side. An abundant supply of water is also available there. The place houses the Emerald Earth off-grid community with a composting outhouse in Mendocino County.

9. Florida

Florida is an outstanding place for living off the grid. The only thing is that you must arrange for a good source of water and a septic tank for self-reliant living. One can harness power from any alternative sources like solar panels, wind turbines, etc. You are also allowed to drill a well, grow a garden, and raise livestock. The price of land is reasonable and timbers are also available. Since the place is full of soil and sand, finding rocks is hard. However, you may use the fossilized coral beds.

10. Hawaii

When you do not mind the cost Hawaii is one of the best places for off-grid living. But the place lets you settle away from the mainland. Since most of the island has no grid connection, you will be off the grid once you go beyond the city limits. But the place boasts with incredible panoramic beauty turning it almost into heaven. The place has ample sun and rains for getting alternative power and the soil is rich in nutrients. You may grow anything including coffee beans!

Final words

While you will enjoy abundant scenic beauty living in the above places, the above list is a guideline and not exclusive. One can find many other best places for off-grid living. However, one must visit the place and check everything, physically, before settling to enjoy an independent lifestyle.

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