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What Household Items Can You Use To Start a Fire

Household Items

Numerous household items can double up as the perfect fire starters, particularly when you are in the wild and don’t have a proper fire starter. When you begin to wonder what items you can use to start a fire, the following list comes in to be particularly handy.

  1. Duct tape

Duct tape is among the best household items to start a fire. This is easy to use for the purpose. Pull out a few feet of the tape and crumple it up to create a large ball. Now light it using a flame.

  • Chips

Chips are among the household items that can be used to start a fire. You’d have to part with your snack, though. But they create a nice fire.

If you use greasy chips for the fire, they will deliver the best results. The fat will act as fuel.

To use the chips for creating a fire, remove them from the bag. Place them in the requisite spot and then light them up. You will have a fire in place when it is required the most. The fire won’t last for too long, but will temporarily enhance the visibility.

  • Chapstick

A chapstick comes to your resource when you consider what household items I can use to start a fire. Chapstick is lip balm. It is waxy and highly inflammable.

You may throw the chapstick in a fire. But there are some alternate ways of using it as well. Rub the chapstick over a burnable surface. This extends the time for which it burns.

You can also make a candle using your chapstick. Nicely install a wick into the chapstick, and light it up.

  • All sorts of paper

Using any sort of paper is one of the best ways to start a fire with household items. First roll up the pieces of paper, just as you would roll up a newspaper, and then use them in the same ways as you would use logs of wood.

  • Cotton balls used in combination with petroleum

Seen also:

The chapstick is waxy and flammable, as mentioned earlier in the article. Petroleum jelly is what makes the chapstick flammable.

When wondering what household items can start a fire, take cotton balls, and cover them with petroleum jelly. They enable fires that last long.

  • Dryer Lint

Your washing machine has a dryer. It collects lint that you love to dispose of.

Did you know that dryer lint is among the best household items to start a fire? So it is not necessary to dispose of the dryer lint. Instead, collect it for the rainy day when you run out of resources to make fire. You could also carry a nice ball of dryer lint to camping trips, and use it over there to make fire. It will nicely work as per your expectations.

  • Guitar picks

If you play the guitar, you are sure to have some guitar picks at home that you no longer use. How well would a guitar pick contribute to making a fire? Reasonably well! Guitar picks are among the household items that can be used to start a fire. The best part is that they are easy to carry in your rucksack, and can be used to make a nice fire.

  1. A glass lens

The glass lens is probably among the finest of household items at the times when you consider the household items that can be used to start a fire. The best part is that you do not even require safety matches to start a fire with a glass lens. This is the stuff that actually initiates a fire. It is not an easily inflammable material for a campfire.

It is also a kids’ favourite who sometimes like to light up paper sacks safely in their backyards using a magnifying lens.

To start a fire using a magnifying glass, hold the glass using its handle over the tinder, placed on the ground. The tinder, when at the focal point of the magnifying glass will gather sufficient heat to light up. For best results, the Sun, the magnifying glass, and the tinder should be in the same line.

  1. Steel and flint

If at a campsite, you find a flint, strike it against steel close to hay or wood. After some effort, the hay will catch the spark. Safeguard it against the wind and you have a fire ready for you. This method is slightly more difficult than the others on the list.

  1. Fire through friction

On TV, we frequently see survivalists making fire by rubbing two pieces of dry wood. With requisite efforts and the right technique, this does the needful.

Your base wood will have a hole drilled or dug into it. Now take a wooden stick that fits into the hole. Turn the stick or move it back and forth. The friction will result in a fire.

  1. Battery and a light bulb

The techniques mentioned over here should be tried outdoors wherein the odds of the fire spreading are null. Take a light bulb and break it. The plug side will have a positive and a negative terminal, which make a light bulb among the best household items to start a fire.

Take a large D battery and touch the positive and negative terminals of the light bulb and the battery to each other. The exposed tungsten filament will heat up sufficiently to start burning. Use it to ignite the tinder.

  1. Steel wool

Steel wool stands the chance to make a fine fire just when required. To start with, take steel wool and loosen it up a little because tightened up steel wood will not deliver the best results for the fire. Connect it to both terminals of a battery to create a short circuit. This may not last long. Just long enough for the steel wood to catch fire. 

Disconnect the circuit by removing the steel wood, and light up the tinder using the same.

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